Moab Workload Manager

mdiag -R

(Moab Resource Manager Diagnostics)


mdiag -R [-v] [-V job] [resourcemanagerid]


The 'mdiag -R' command is used to present information about configured resource managers. The information presented includes name, host, port, state, type, performance statistics and failure notifications.

Example 1

> mdiag -R -v

RM[base]  Type: PBS  State: Active  ResourceType: COMPUTE
  Version:            '1.2.0p6-snap.1124480497'
  Nodes Reported:     4
  Flags:              executionServer,noTaskOrdering,typeIsExplicit
  Partition:          base
  Event Management:   EPORT=15004
  Note:  SSS protocol enabled
  Submit Policy:      NODECENTRIC
  DefaultClass:       batch
  Variables:          DefaultApp=MPICHG2,GridNet=Infiniband
  RM Performance:     AvgTime=0.00s  MaxTime=1.03s  (1330 samples)

RM[base] Failures:
  Mon May  3 09:15:16  clusterquery     'cannot get node info (rm is unavailable)'
  Mon May  3 10:25:46  workloadquery    'cannot get job info (request timed out)'

RM[Boeing]  Type: NATIVE  State: Active  ResourceType: LICENSE
  Cluster Query URL:  file://$HOME/lic.dat
  Licenses Reported:  3 types (3 of 6 available)
  Partition:          SHARED
  License Stats:      Avg License Avail:   0.00  (438 iterations)
  Iteration Summary:  Idle: 0.00  Active: 100.00  Busy: 0.00
  RM Performance:     AvgTime=0.00s  MaxTime=0.00s  (877 samples)

RM[GM]  Type: NATIVE  State: Active  ResourceType: COMPUTE
  FlushPeriod:        HOUR
  Charge URL:         ChargeURL=exec:///$HOME/tools/
  Delete URL:         DeleteURL=exec:///$HOME/tools/
  Quote URL:          QuoteURL=exec:///$HOME/tools/
  Reserve URL:        ReserveURL=exec:///$HOME/tools/
  Create URL:         CreateURL=exec:///$HOME/tools/
  Cluster Query URL:  file:///tmp/gm.dat
  Nodes Reported:     2
  Partition:          GM
  RM Performance:     AvgTime=0.00s  MaxTime=0.00s  (877 samples)

Note:  use 'mrmctl -f -r ' to clear stats/failures