Moab Workload Manager

mdiag -S

(Moab Scheduler Diagnostics)


mdiag -S [-v]


The 'mdiag -S' command is used to present information about the status of the scheduler and grid interface.

This command will report on the following aspects of scheduling:

  • General Scheduler Configuration
    • Reports short and long term scheduler load
    • Reports detected overflows of node, job, reservation, partition, and other scheduler object tables
  • High Availability
    • Configuration
    • Reports health of HA primary
    • Reports health of HA backup
  • Scheduling Status
    • Reports if scheduling is paused
    • Reports if scheduling is stopped
  • System Reservation Status
    • Reports if global system reservation is active
  • Message Profiling/Statistics Status

Example 1

> mdiag -S

Moab Server running on orion-1:43225  (Mode: NORMAL)
  Load(5m)  Sched: 12.27%  RMAction: 1.16%  RMQuery: 75.30%  User: 0.29%  Idle: 10.98%
  Load(24h) Sched: 10.14%  RMAction: 0.93%  RMQuery: 74.02%  User: 0.11%  Idle: 13.80%

  HA Fallback Server:  orion-2:43225  (Fallback is Ready)

  Note:  system reservation blocking all nodes

  Message:  profiling enabled (531 of 600 samples/5:00 interval)