Gold Allocation Manager

Making Deposits

gdeposit is used to deposit time-bounded resource credits into accounts resulting in the creation or enlargement of an allocation. (See Allocations for managing allocations). The start time will default to -infinity and the end time will default to infinity if not specified. Accounts must first be created using gmkaccount (unless auto-generated).

gdeposit {-a account_id | -p project_name} [-i allocation_id] [-s start_time] [-e end_time] [[-z] amount] [-L credit_limit] [-d description] [-h | —hours] [—debug] [-? | —help] [—man] [—quiet] [-v | —verbose]

Example 7. Making a deposit

$ gdeposit -s 2003-10-01 -e 2004-10-01 -z 360000000 -a 1

Successfully deposited 360000000 credits into account 1

Example 8. Making a deposit "into" a project

If a project has a single account then a deposit can be made against the project.

$ gdeposit -s 2003-10-01 -e 2004-10-01 -z 360000000 -p chemistry

Successfully deposited 360000000 credits into account 2

Example 9. Creating a credit allocation

$ gdeposit -L 10000000000 -a 3

Successfully deposited 0 credits into account 3