Gold Allocation Manager

Issuing Job Refunds

A job can be refunded in part or in whole by issuing a job refund. This action attempts to lookup the referenced job to ensure that the refund does not exceed the original charge and so that the charge entry can be updated. If multiple matches are found (such as the case when job ids are non-unique), this command will return the list of matched jobs with unique ids so that the correct job can be specified for the refund.

To issue a refund for a job, use the command grefund:

grefund [-z amount] [-a account_id] [-d description] [-h | --hours] [--debug] [-? | --help] [--man] [--quiet] [-v | --verbose] [-V | --version] [[-J] job_id | [-j] gold_job_id]

Example 9. Issuing a job refund

$ grefund -J PBS.1234.0

Successfully refunded 19744 credits for job PBS.1234.0