Maui Scheduler

11.7 General Job Policies

The default scheduler configuration enables a number of policies which control functionality available to a job. These policies are described in detail in the sections below.

11.7.1 Multi-Node Support

By default, resources allocated to a job are allowed to span multiple nodes. To disable this behavior, the parameter ENABLEMULTINODEJOBS should be set to FALSE.

11.7.2 Multi-Req Support

By default, jobs are only allowed to specify a single type of resource for allocation. For example, a job could request '4 nodes with 256 MB of memory' or '8 nodes with feature fast present'. However, the default behavior does not allow submission of a single job which requests both of these resource types. The parameter ENABLEMULTIREQJOBS can be set to TRUE to remove this constraint. (NOTE: only available in Moab 4.0.0 and higher)

11.7.3 Job Size Policy

Moab 4.0.0 and higher allow jobs to request resource ranges. Using this range information, the scheduler is able to maximize the amount of resources available to the job while minimizing the amount of time the job is blocked waiting for resources. The JOBSIZEPOLICY parameter can be used to set this behavior according to local site needs. NOTE: job resource ranges may only be specified when using a local queue as described in the Using a Local Queue section.